Field and Well Analysis Services

well analysis

At Endura, you buy chemical solutions from a Customer Service Representative, not a salesman.

Endura-Customer Service Representatives each have years of practical field experience. They analyze the product needs of individual field situations and submit the data to our Laboratory for development of appropriate blends. Then they supervise the treatment by a knowledgeable technician and monitor progress over the life of the application.

As an Endura Client, you have the absolute certainty of a single point-of-contact for all your chemical-treating solutions. That certainty translates into consistent, predictable results that will save you money.

Laboratory Services


Analytical procedures include:

Water Analysis: The chemical species dissolved in the produced water can often lead to corrosion and/or scale precipitation. Endura can analyze for these dissolved species and predict the potential for scaling or the potential problems from mixing incompatible waters.

Paraffin Testing: Endura is capable of testing the efficiency of various treating compounds on the actual paraffin produced from the wells. This ensures the best chemical program is put in place, thereby saving our customers costly down time.

Scale Analysis: Endura tests for various types of scale found on tubulars or in the produced fluids. Proper identification of produced solids leads to proper remediation of the problem and choice of correct prevention program.

Bacteriological Evaluation: The presence of bacteria in the produced fluid often can have negative effects on equipment and production. Endura can test for this bacteria as well as measure their concentrations thereby monitoring treatment procedures.

Wheel Testing: Endura is constantly utilizing corrosion wheel testing to ensure our corrosion inhibitors are the best in the industry. Production fluids from the field are used to insure the best inhibitor program is utilized.

Failure Analysis: Should a failure occur, Endura will thoroughly evaluate and document the failure cause. Should a treatment program change be warranted, recommendations will be made and its effect will be monitored.

These, as well as many other specialty analyses are also available to Endura's customers at no charge. See your Endura representative for further details.


Treatment Options

Truck Treating
Fleet of treating trucks

Continuous Injection
Tank, Pipeline, Well Applications

Endura Pump Shop

pump shopDon't discard your old chemical pumps!

Endura offers an exclusive chemical pump repair and maintenance shop that has been factory certified by major pump manufacturers. Our Pump Shop can repair, maintain or replace pumps to have them quickly operating as new or better. Plus, we can return them to service more quickly and more cost effectively than buying a new pump or returning one to the manufacturer.

We stock authorized repair parts, replacement housings and valves for most major brands. We also offer custom fabrication capabilities to create unique parts or to modify existing pumps for a unique application. Our work is guaranteed.

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