Innovators in the Production Treating Chemical Industry

Endura Products Corp is a respected supplier of chemicals to the oil and gas industry as well as the pipeline industry. We have earned a reputation for integrity, excellent service and innovative science designed to solve whatever treating problems you might encounter.


Endura offers detailed customer field analysis of production treating problems to determine the proper blends of chemical agents and applications for resolving and controlling a problem.The Endura philosophy is to treat the source of a problem – correctly – the first time.

When you have an Endura Customer Service Representative at your site you'll find comfort in knowing that your problem is being handled by a professional with years of experience. He will be skilled in conducting field analysis and is your single point-of-contact in addressing any chemical treatment application.

However, he is not alone! Behind the scenes he has access to a team consisting of a fully equipped laboratory and support staff, all dedicated to providing you the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your chemical treatment needs.

The Endura Advantage

Traditionally, a new well starts being serviced after it has been turned over to the production department.

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The reality is that scale formation and high levels of iron sulfide in produced water begin during the frac job. The best time to treat the problem is during the frac procedure. Endura's SI-260 is a high pH, liquid scale inhibitor used in today's well fracturing procedures which can be placed in the pad before the sand is pumped.


Pipeline Integrity

A successful pipeline treating program is the direct result of quality of the products and services provided and the skill used in their application.

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At Endura, we control product quality from start to finish, we are completely committed to service, and we continuously train toward mastery of the skills necessary to lead our industry.