Company Profile

Endura Products Corp is a respected supplier of chemicals to the oil and gas industry as well as the pipeline industry. We have earned a reputation for integrity, excellent service and innovative science designed to solve whatever treating problems you might encounter.

Commitment to Service

With Endura Products Corp, you buy chemical solutions from a Customer Service Representative, not a salesman.

Endura Account Representatives each have years of practical field experience. They analyze the product needs of individual field situations and submit the data to our laboratory for development of appropriate blends. Then they supervise the treatment by a knowledgeable technician and monitor progress over the life of the application.

As an Endura client, you have the certainty of a single point-of-contact for all your chemical-treating solutions. This certainty translates into consistent, predictable results that will save you money.

Our History and Mission

" Experience The Difference "

Founded in 1995 with a vision and a commitment to " Change The Industry ", Endura Products Corporation offers an unequaled line of products and services. As a premier chemical company, problem solving in the oil, gas and pipeline industry is our business.

Endura's experienced staff of managers, account representatives, systems analysts and service technicians solve problems for our customers by recommending the correct application of products and mechanical alterations to achieve the desired results in the field. Our team identifies the source of the problem before designing a treatment program that is efficient and cost effective.

Endura's products are of the highest quality and have been tested extensively to ensure that they meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and their specific needs. Whether it is corrosion, scale, paraffin or emulsion issues your company is experiencing, Endura has the correct product for each specific application. Water clarifiers, foamers, defoamers, scavengers and biocides are also available in our extensive product line.

At Endura, we believe that having the best quality products is not enough. We must also deliver unrivaled customer service. This includes technical support and modern laboratory facilities. Bacteria cultures for all customers are collected on a regular schedule so that problems can be identified before they become critical. Our team members communicate results to customers in a clear and concise manner so necessary decisions can be made to protect their investment. We would not be able to deliver this type of service without well trained and dedicated employees.

An outstanding research and development department, headed by a highly respected Phd in chemistry and a Masters in chemical engineering continue to develop new products to solve unique problems that our customers encounter.

Endura's ultimate goal is to help our customers increase production, decrease maintenance costs, and protect assets so profits may be increased.

Quick Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Endura Products Corp
P.O. Box 3394
Midland, TX 79702

Physical Location:
1501 N Fairgrounds Rd
Midland, TX 79706


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